Community assessment of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) and exposure to fecal contamination in peri-urban Kafue, Zambia – field report by Jessy Zgambo

July 10 – August 11, 2023

Ensuring clean water, proper sanitation, and good hygiene is still a significant challenge, especially in peri-urban areas of Zambia. From July 10th to August 11th, a community assessment of the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) conditions was conducted in Kafue’s largest peri-urban settlement. This was followed by examining exposure to fecal contamination through various pathways, including water, food produce, and street food. The purpose of these assessments was to gain an understanding of the current state of WASH and identify the high-risk pathways for fecal contamination, which can then guide public health interventions.

Group picture during fieldwork
Group picture during fieldwork in Zambia Compound, Kafue, Zambia
Water sample collection
Water sample collection on the Kafue River
Data collection
Data collection in the community