Seminar on Sustainable Rural Promotion by making Wild Nature as Source of Development

August 24 – August 25, 2023

Hey there! I’m Nahid (DC1), a doctoral student at Hokkaido University in the Graduate School of Health Sciences. I recently went on a two-day education trip (Seminar) hosted by JICA in Hokkaido aimed to deepen my understanding of the efforts made by the local government regarding sustainable development through wise use of its natural environment in the form of tourism with an example of Daisetsuzan National Park and Kamikawa Town. I would like to share my experiences with you.

Nahid-san's JICA Seminar (presentation by Kamikawa town)
Presentation by Local Administration of Kamikawa Town
Nahid-san's JICA Seminar (Workshop with Kamikawa High School)
Workshop with Kamikawa High School
Nahid-san's JICA Seminar (Daisetsuzan National Park)
Kurodake Trail Head in Daisetsuzan National Park