April 29, 2023

In Japan, one of the interesting traditions is “hanami,” which means enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms during springtime. This year, Smilelab organized an “ohanami party” at Maruyama Park in Sapporo at the end of April 2023. The event was attended by Professor Taro Yamauchi, Dr. Akira Sai, Dr. Sikopo Nyambe, students and also families. The activity took place outdoors, with attendees sitting on picnic mats while enjoying the blooming sakura. The event was also included by a potluck party, where each member prepared various food, such as beef curry, sandwiches, chicken tandoori, and variety of beverages. Amidst the refreshing air, the gathering was filled with conversations and laughter together. Let’s keep smiling, because we are the Smilelab.

cherry blossoms in maruyama park

lab members enjoying hanami

hanami food

Nahid's curry